Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Who would have guessed that Alaska would be such a bone of contention? It wouldn't be if not for Lisa Murkowski's sour grapes. Not much to cover here but here goes:

Overview here:

Governor: Sean Parnell* (R) vs. Ethan Berkowitz (D) Polling here:
The Dems are sort of feeling their oats and are overestimating the split among Republicans.
                                                    PREDICTION: PARNELL to HOLD

Senator: Joe Miller (R) vs Scott McAdams (D) vs Lisa Murkowski* (write in)
Do I need to explain this? CNN has this as a two point race. I'm dubious. I think sour grapes works against Murkowski. PREDICTION: MILLER to HOLD

AL CD: Don Young* (R) vs. Harry Crawford (D) There's no polling here. Don Young had his two closest elections lately, but this one is not on anyone's radar. Don Young is the last of Alaska's pork barrelers. PREDICTION: DON YOUNG to HOLD

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