Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Arkansas is perhaps one of the bell weather states. The House races are an indication of the problems Democrats face at the polls. Info here:

Governor: Jim Keet (R) vs Mike Beebe* (D) Polling here:
Mike Beebe must be a helluva governor because he seems as safe as it comes in Arkansas. I thought for sure this would tighten, but it's on no one's radar. PREDICTION: BEEBE to HOLD

Senator: John Boozman (R) vs Blanche Lincoln* (D) Polling here: More info here:
Is there an incumbent that is more toast than Lincoln? PREDICTION: BOOZMAN to PICKUP

1st CD: Rick Crawford (R) vs. Chad Causey (D) Polling here: More info here:
This race became competitive when Marion Berry retired. McCain won this district and so did Bush. PREDICTION: CRAWFORD to PICKUP

2nd CD: Tim Griffin (R) vs. Joyce Elliott (D) Polling here: More info here:
Vic Snyder retiring opened this seat up to competition. He had no shot at losing, well maybe not anyway. This is a Democratic district, but everyone has this flipping. PREDICTION: GRIFFIN to PICKUP

3rd CD: Steve Womack (R) vs. David Whitaker (D) No polling here. Info here:
This is a no brainer. Boozman is cruising to a Senate seat and Womack will cruise to his House seat. PREDICTION: WOMACK to HOLD

4th CD: Beth Anne Rankin (R) vs. Mike Ross*(D) Polling here: More Info Here:
Mike Ross hasn't had a serious challenger since former Congressman Jay Dickey and even then he got 60% of the vote. But McCain won this district big and turnout will be lower. PREDICTION: ROSS to HOLD

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