Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on O'Donnell

I have never seen such bitterness between conservatives on the Delaware Republican Senate Primary. It's playing out like the "Sicilian Vespers", because the long knives are out. I have followed this closely and have not changed my mind. Most of her supporters decry Mike Castle as a RINO. Ok, he's a left of center Republican. We all know that and he doesn't deny. At least he's not lying about it.

I never liked the term RINO because I find it irrelevant in any sense of political reality. What I am tired of are "Checklist Conservatives". The very notion that we who espouse conservative political principles ought to cast our votes for those who have the most checks next to their name on the issues we care about are just naive. Sharing a core set of beliefs is important, but far more critical is their capacity to coherently articulate those values. In seven weeks I will enthusiastically vote for Marco Rubio, among others. He is a bright,articulate candidate that translates my core principles in a manner worthy of pride. If I were a resident in their respective states, I would vote for Rand Paul,Ken Buck, Sharon Angle,Joe Miller and if he wins today, Ovide Lamontagne. They have polled ahead of their Democratic opponents.

If I thought Christine O'Donnell could win in November I might reconsider my opinion, but I see no indication she has so much as a ghost of a chance. Moreover, She is incapable of coherently advancing my principles. I hear her speak and my first reaction is to wince. 

In the 26 years I have been voting I can count the number of Democrats on one hand. On the other hand there are a few times I decided not to cast a ballot in specific races. If I were a resident of Delaware, as a matter of conservative conscience, I could not endure her being proposed as a spokes person for my core beliefs. She is unworthy and a detriment. Her advancement would subject everything I believe in to ridicule, for in politics your associates define your convictions. I would cast a vote in every other race, but cast none in the Senate race if she were the nominee. 

What about sending a message? Haven't we sent enough messages to the Republican establishment? At least those outcomes can win. What's the point of sending a message if the messenger gets tossed into the shredder?

Well, if Scott Brown can win in Massachusetts, a bluer state than Delaware, why can't she win too? Because politicians learn  from other election outcomes. Do you think Chris Coons is Martha Coakley? Is it likely he'll suggest Curt Schilling is a Yankee fan? Not that it would matter in Delaware if he did. Politicians are often like viruses. Sooner or later they become immune to the treatment. But O'Donnell's bizarre personal history and pathetic speaking skills would likely become a disease. Not a cure. It's up to Delaware, but if it matters I wouldn't vote for her in any contest.

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