Saturday, October 2, 2010

Colorado Election Preview

Colorado certainly has had strange election season this year. Here is the breakdown: Colorado Stats

Governor: Dan Maes (R) vs. John Hickenlooper (D) vs. Tom Tancredo (C)
Dan Maes defeated a plagiarism ridden Scott McGinnis in what was supposed to be an even pick up for Republicans. However, Mr. Maes has demonstrated some peculiarities himself, so much so that the RGA will not help him out. Tom Tancredo offered to drop out of the race if Mr. Maes did the same in favor of Gale Norton. He declined and hope went up in flames. Maes could conceivably fall out of favor just enough to help Tancredo, but that is highly unlikely. PREDICTION: Hickenlooper

Senator: Ken Buck (R) vs. Michael Bennet*(D) Polling here: Buck vs Bennet. Colorado Stats. Bennet, who beat off a challenge in the primary has not led in two months. There is no evidence that the Governor's race debacle is hurting Buck in the least. Democrats thought they could tag Buck as an extremist, but have failed.

1st CD: Mike Fallon (R) vs. Diana DeGette*(D) No polling here. District Stats. DeGette easily.
2nd CD: Stephen Bailey (R) vs. Jared Polis*(D) No polling here. District Stats. Polis easily
3rd CD: Scott Tipton (R) vs. John Salazar*(D) Polling here: Tipton vs Salazar. District Stats. Scott Tipton got shellacked by Salazar in 2006, but this is 2010 and the wave is moving in the opposite direction. John Salazar is the Brother of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. It won't help him, I suspect. PREDICTION: TIPTON
4th CD: Cory Gardner (R) vs. Betsy Markey*(D) Gardner vs. Markey. District Stats. Markey is toast. PREDICTION: Gardner to Pickup
5th CD: Doug Lamborn*(R) vs. Kevin Bradley (D) No polling here. District Stats. Lamborn easy.
6th CD: Mike Coffman*(R) vs. John Flerlage (D) No polling here. District Stats. Coffman walks in.
7th CD: Ryan Frazier (R) vs. Ed Perlmutter*(D) Frazier vs Perlmutter. District Stats. This is a litmus test district. Perlmutter is a sophmore in a genuine swing district. Frazier is getting more attention. For the moment , PREDICTION: PERLMUTTER

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