Sunday, October 3, 2010

Connecticut Election Preview

Connecticut is home to an open Governor and Senate seat this year and is more competitive than expected. Info is here: Connecticut Races & Info

Governor: Tom Foley (R) vs. Dan Malloy (D) Polling Info here: Foley vs. Malloy
It will be interesting to see if this race closes. If it does it'll likely be due to Malloy stumbles, not Foley perseverance. Malloy has led all the way and there is no reason to think anything will be altered on election day. PREDICTION: MALLOY to PICKUP

Senator: Linda McMahon (R) vs. Richard Blumenthal (D) Polling Info Here: Mcmahon vs. Blumenthal. Senate Stats. Christopher Dodd retired because he knew his time was up and defeat was inevitable. Blumenthal was supposed to be unbeatable. After all, twenty years as State Attorney General had made him the most popular elected official in the state. No one thought to wonder why he never sought to make a move earlier though. Why remain in a static row office? Blumenthal's lack of political courage in seeking higher office has shown through in his pathetic campaign for the Senate. He has run ahead in every poll to date, but it shrinks with every passing poll. Linda McMahon defeated the prospective nominee, former Congressman Rob Simmons. She has the money, the message and the momentum. PREDICTION: McMahon

1st CD: Ann Brickley (R) vs. John Larson*(D) No polling her. District Stats. Larson easily.
2nd CD: Janet Peckinpaugh (R) vs. Joe Courtney*(D) No polling here. District Stats. This seat used to be held by Republican Rob Simmons, but it looks solidly Democratic now. PREDICTION: Courtney
3rd CD: Jerry LaBriola Jr (R) vs. Rosa DeLauro*(D) No polling here. District Stats. Delauro easily
4th CD: Dan Debicella (R) vs. Jim Himes*(D) Polling Here: Debicella vs. Himes. District Stats.
Himes is a freshman, having defeated veteran liberal Republican, Chris Shays in 2008. Is Debicella up to the task of beating him? PREDICTION: HIMES
5th CD: Sam Cagliuri (R) vs. Chris Murphy*(D) Polling here: Caligiuri vs. Murphy. District Stats
Murphy won this from liberal Republican, Nancy Johnson four years ago and looks as if he has solidified his standing. PREDICTION: MURPHY

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