Sunday, October 3, 2010

Florida Election Preview

While people are focusing on California polling for Democrats, they are paying less attention to improved Republican fortunes in Florida. Florida Stats Here: Florida Stats & Info

Governor: Rick Scott (R) vs. Alex Sink (D) Polling Here: Scott vs. Sink . The trend is now clearly favoring Rick Scott in his bid for Governor. Republican turnout will be much higher as well. PREDICTION: SCOTT

Senator: Marco Rubio (R) vs. Kendrick Meek (D) vs. Charlie Crist (I) Polling Here: Rubio vs. Meek vs. Crist. Senate Stats Here: District Stats. This is not close either. Rubio has been coasting with puff piece bio ads, while Meek and Crist battle for 2nd place. PREDICTION: RUBIO

1st CD: Jeff Miller*(R) vs. Joe Cantrell (I) No polling here. District Stats. Miller easily
2nd CD: Steve Southerland (R) vs. Allen Boyd*(D) Polling here: Southerland vs. Boyd. District Stats
Boyd squeaked out a primary win in this conservative district. He looks gone. PREDICTION: Southerland
3rd CD: Mike Yost (R) vs. Corrine Brown*(D)  No Polling Here. District Stats. Brown easily.
4th CD: Ander Crenshaw*(R) vs. Troy Stanley (I) No Polling Here. District Stats  Crenshaw easily.
5th CD: Rich Nugent (R) vs. Jim Piccillo (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Ginny Brown Waite has retired after four terms, a seat previously held by Democrat Karen Thurman. PREDICTION: NUGENT
6th CD: Cliff Stearns*(R) Steve Schonberg (I) No Polling Here. District Stats. Stearns easy.
7th CD: John Mica*(R) vs. Heather Beaven (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Mica easily.
8th CD: Daniel Webster (R) vs. Alan Grayson*(D) Polling Here: Webster vs. Grayson. District Stats
Grayson won this seat in 2008 in large part due to Ric Keller being embroiled in scandal. It'll be fun watching him go down. PREDICTION: WEBSTER.
9th CD: Gus Bilirakis*(R) vs. Anita De Palma (D) No Polling Here: District Stats. Bilirakis easy
10th CD: Bill Young*(D) vs. Charlie Justice (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Young easy
11th CD: Mike Prendergast (R) vs. Kathy Castor*(D) No Polling here. District Stats  I happen to live in this district and as good a candidate as Prendergast is, he's in the wrong district. PREDICTION: CASTOR
12th CD: Dennis Ross (R) vs. Lori Edwards (D) Polling Here: Ross vs. Edwards. District Stats. Adam Putnam is running for Agriculture Commissioner with an obvious eye towards higher office. PREDICTION: ROSS
13th CD: Vern Buchanan*(R) vs. James Golden (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Buchanan isn't wildly popular, but it doesn't matter, he's gonna roll. 
14th CD: Connie Mack IV*(R) vs. James Roach (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Mack easily.
15th CD: Bill Posey*(R) vs. Shannon Roberts (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Posey walks
16th CD: Tom Rooney*(R) vs. Jim Horn (D) No polling Here. District Stats. Rooney easily
17th CD: Roderick Vereen (I) vs. Frederica Wilson (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Wilson easy
18th CD: Ileana Ros Lehtinen*(R) vs. Rolando Banciella (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Lehtinen will roll
19th CD: Joe Budd (R) vs. Ted Deutch*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Deutch easily.
20th CD: Karen Harrington (R) vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. I'd love to see Schultz lose. but it ain't happening. She wins handily.
21st CD: Mario Diaz Balart (R) is running unopposed
22nd CD: Allen West (R) vs. Ron Klein*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Klein has had a couple serious gaffes and this district was represented by REpublican Clay Shaw for about 30 years prior. PREDICTION: WEST
23rd CD: Bernard Sansaricq (R) vs. Alcee Hastings*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Hastings is one of the biggest sleezes in Congress, but he'll win anyway.
24th CD: Sandy Adams (R) vs. Suzanne Kozmas*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Kozmas benefited from scandal plagued Tom Feeney in 2008. She's toast now. PREDICTION: ADAMS
25th CD: David Rivera (R) vs. Joe Garcia (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Democrats think they have a shot here on character reasons. Doubt it. PREDICTION: RIVERA

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