Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Georgia Election Preview

I think Georgia Republicans got a reprieve this year from the nation's economy. Here's the Georgia info: Georgia

Governor: Nathan Deal (R) vs. Roy Barnes (D) Polling here: Deal vs. Barnes.
In any other year, I think Georgia Republicans would be handed their head. Nathan Deal resigned from Congress to run for Governor and avoid an ethics investigation. He defeated reform minded Karen Handel in a primary runoff, which is unfortunate, but a reality nonetheless.Roy Barnes is a former Governor, defeated in his bid for re election in 2002 by the now outgoing Sonny Perdue. Any other year, not this year for Barnes

Senator: Johnny Isakson*(R) vs. Mark Thurmond (D) Polling here: Isakson vs ThurmondSenate Stats Here
Democrats thought they had a shot here. Isakson isn't as conservative as conservatives would like and Mark Thurmond was thought to have a shot. Nope. Not this year. Not in Georgia. PREDICTION: ISAKSON

1st CD: Jack Kingston*(R) vs. Oscar Harris (D) No polling here. District Stats Here Kingston Rolls
2nd CD: Mike Keown (R) vs. Sanford Bishop*(D) Polling Here Keown vs Bishop. District Stats Here. Some Republicans are optimistic about this race. The numbers lend some credibility to this optimism. But Bishop has received margins in the high 60's, even though McCain and Bush did well in this district. I'm not biting on this apple. PREDICTION: BISHOP.
3rd CD: Lynn Westmoreland*(R) vs. Frank Saunders (D) No polling here. District Stats Here. Westmoreland wins easily.
4th CD: Liz Carter (R) vs. Hank Johnson*(D) No polling here. District Stats Here This is Hank Johnson who suggested Guam might tip over. Honest to God. Johnson rolls.
5th CD: Fenn Little (R) vs. John Lewis*(D) No polling here. District Stats Here Lewis easily
6th CD: Tom Price*(R) is running unopposed
7th CD: Rob Woodall (R) vs. Doug Heckman (D) No polling Here. District Stats Here Woodall easily
8th CD: Austin Scott (R) vs. Jim Marshall*(D)  Scott vs Marshall. District Stats Here. Marshall has defied the odds here in a district that Bush and McCain carried easily. Austin Scott is either tied or ahead. Red's Erick Erickson is reporting dirty tricks. Someone on behalf of Marshall has asked a local judge for a hearing that will unseal Scott's divorce record. The judge was a former Marshall supporter, has recused herself, but not before setting up a heating a week before the election. Barring a bizarre turn here, PREDICTION: SCOTT to PICKUP
9th CD: Tom Graves*(R) is running umopposed.
10th CD: Paul Broun Jr*(R) vs. Russell Edwards (D)No polling here. District Stats Here. Broun easy
11th CD: Phil Gingrey*(R) is running unopposed.
12th CD: Ray McKinney (R) vs. John Barrow*(D)Polling here: Mckinney vs Barrow. District Stats Here.
Again, Barrow has defied expectations in a district Bush and McCain carried convincingly. In a year like this, I think he's gone. PREDICTION: McKinney
13th CD: Mike Crane (R) vs. David Scott*(D) No polling Here: District Stats. Scott walks

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