Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Illinois Election Preview

Plenty of things happening in Illinois. Illinois Stats Here

Governor: Bill Brady (R) vs. Pat Quinn*(D) Polling Here: Brady vs Quinn. Polls show a tightening. I'm not buying that nonsense. PREDICTION: BRADY

Senator: Mark Kirk (R) vs. Alexi Giannoulias (D) Polling Here: Giannoulias vs. Kirk. Kirk had this wrapped up until it was discovered his resume' wasn't up to snuff. Can he really lose to a guy with "mob bank" issues? In Illinois, maybe, but not likely. PREDICTION: KIRK

1st CD: Ray Wardingly (R) vs. Bobby Rush*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Rush easy.
2nd CD: Isaac Hayes (R) vs. Jesse Jackson Jr.*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Hayes has gotten some attention and Jackson has some potential legal issues. Long term legal complications may thwart Jackson's ambitions, but not enough to keep from getting re elected. Jackson easily.
3rd CD: Mike Bendas (R) vs. Dan Lipinski*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Lipinski Rolls.
4th CD: Israel Vazquez (R) vs. Luis Gutierrez*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Gutierrez is eyeing a run for Mayor of Chicago and he coasts to victory in re election.
5th CD: David Radowitz (R) vs. Mike Quigley*(D) No polling Here. District Stats. This is Rahm Emanuel's old seat and of course he's announced for Mayor of Chicago. Quigley rolls.
6th CD: Peter Roskam*(R) vs. Ben Lowe (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Roskam holds Henry Hyde's old seat and there's no reason to think he's gonna give it up.
7th CD: Mark Weiman (R) vs. Danny Davis*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Davis is also looking at a run for Mayor of Chicago and he won't lose re election.
8th CD: Joe Walsh (R) vs. Melissa Bean*(D) Polling Here Walsh vs. Bean. District Stats. Bean is an outlier in a genuine swing district. PREDICTION: WALSH
9th CD: Joel Pollak (R) vs. Jan Schakowsky*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. I despise Schakowsky, frankly and Pollak has gotten some attention, but it won't matter. Schakowsky rolls.
10th CD: Bob Dold (R) vs. Dan Seals (D) Polling Here: Dold vs. Seals. District Stats. Seals has run for this seat twice and twice defeated by Mark Kirk, who is now running for the Senate. Conventional wisdom has Seals winning. I'm not biting yet. PREDICTION: DOLD
11th CD: Adam Kinzinger (R) vs. Debbie Halvorson*(D) Kinzinger vs. Halvorson. District Stats. Halvorson is toast. PREDICTION: KINZINGER
12th CD: Teri Newman (R) vs. Jerry Costello*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats.  Costello walks.
13th CD: Judy Biggert*(R) vs. Scott Harper (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Biggert Rolls
14th CD: Randy Hultgren (R) vs. Bill Foster*(D) Hultgren vs. Foster. District Stats. Foster is a sophomore, representing former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's district. He had the advantage of a lousy candidate opposing him twice. This district also covers Dixon, Illinois, the hometown of Ronald Reagan. Hultgren will win one for the Gipper. PREDICTION: HULTGREN
15th CD: Tim Johnson*(R) vs. David Gill (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Johnson easily.
16th CD: Don Manzullo*(R) vs. George Gaulrapp (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Manzullo coasts
17th CD: Bobby Schilling (R) vs. Phil Hare*(D) Polling Here: Schilling vs Hare .
District Stats. This wasn't in anyone's radar until lately. Put foot in mouth and see what happens. He was unopposed in 2008.  PREDICTION: SCHILLING
18th CD: Aaron Schock*(R) vs. D.K. Hirner (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Schock crushes.
19th CD: John Shimkus*(R) vs. Tim Bagwell (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Shimkus easy

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