Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Iowa Election Preview

Iowa is a state we need to watch carefully. Iowa Stats Here.

Governor: Terry Branstead (R) vs. Chet Culver*(D) Polling Here: Branstad vs Culver. Chet Culver, the incumbent has never led in any poll at any time against former four term Republican Governor, Terry Branstead. Do I need to spell this out? PREDICTION: BRANSTEAD

Senator: Charles Grassley*(R) vs. Roxanne Conlin (D) Polling Here: Grassley vs. Conlin. Senate Stats Here. The Democrats actually thought they had a shot about a year ago. Grassley has never been behind. PREDICTION: GRASSLEY

1st CD: Ben Lange (R) vs. Bruce Braley*(D) Polling Here: Lange vs. BraleyDistrict Stats. This race might be a bridge too far for Republicans, but it was represented by Republican Jim Nussle for over a decade. PREDICTION: BRALEY, for now,
2nd CD: Mariannette Miller Meeks (R) vs. Dave Loebsack*(D) Polling Here: Miller-Meeks vs. Loebsack. District Stats. This is a rematch from 2008. Loebsack is a sophomore, having defeated longtime moderate Republican Jim Leach in 2006. If Democrats lose this seat, they are deeply screwed. PREDICTION: LOEBSACK
3rd CD: Brad Zaun (R) vs. Leonard Boswell*(D) Polling Here: Zaun vs. Boswell. District Stats. Republicans have been trying to get Boswell for many a cycle. This year is the year. PREDICTION: ZAUN.
4th CD: Tom Latham*(R) vs. Bill Maske (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Latham easily
5th CD: Steve King*(R) vs. Matt Campbell (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. King Walks

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