Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Louisiana Election Preview

Mixed bag in Louisiana this year. Louisiana Stats

Senator: David Vitter*(R) vs. Charlie Melancon (D) Vitter vs. Melancon. Senate Stats. In any other year Democrats might have had a shot against Vitter. Vitter has never led by less than double digits. PREDICTION: VITTER.

1st CD: Steve Scalise*(R) vs. Myron Katz (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Scalise easily.
2nd CD: Joseph Cao*(R) vs Cedric Richmond (D) Polling Here: Cao vs, Richmond. District Stats. Cedric Richmond was just endorsed by Obama. Why was Cao surprised? PREDICTION: RICHMOND
3rd CD: Jeff Landry (R) vs. Ravi Sangisetty (D) Polling Here: Landry vs. Sangisetty. District Stats. Charlie Melancon who was unopposed in 2008 gave this up to be beaten for the Senate. PREDICTION: LANDRY
4th CD: John Fleming*(R) vs. David Melville (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. In A normal election year this could be a competitive district. Fleming rolls.
5th CD: Rodney Alexander*(R) vs. Tom Gibbs (I) No Polling Here. District Stats. Alexander easily
6th CD: Bill Cassidy*(R) vs. Merritt McDonald (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Cassidy easy.
7th CD: Charles Boustany Jr.*(R)  is unopposed

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