Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mississippi Election Preview

No Governor or Senate race this year. Just four House races. Mississippi State Here: Mississippi

1st CD: Alan Nunnelee (R) vs. Travis Childers*(D) Polling Here: Nunnelee vs. Childers. District Stats. This is a historically Republican district. PREDICTION: NUNNELEE

2nd CD: Bill Marcy (R) vs. Bennie Thompson*(D) Polling Here: Marcy vs Thompson. District Stats Thompson Wins.

3rd CD: George Harper*(R)vs.Joel Gill (D) No Polling Here.District Stats.Harper     

4th CD: Steven Palazzo (R) vs. Gene Taylor*(D) Palazzo vs Taylor. District Stats. This has been getting a little buzz of late. Taylor is a true blue conservative Democrat and is very representative of the district. That's good where Bush and McCain won overwhelmingly. Taylor is running for an eleventh term, but I suspect he won't be victimized as a Democrat. PREDICTION: TAYLOR

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