Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missouri Election Preview

Missouri has a not so competitive Senate race and House races too boot. Missouri Info Here: Missouri

Senator: Roy Blunt (R) vs. Robin Carnahan (D) Polling Here: Blunt vs Carnahan. Senate Stats. Robin Carnahan has never led in this race. In fact it has ceased to be a race for a while. PREDICTION: BLUNT

1st CD: Robyn Hamlin (R) vs. William Lacy Clay*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Clay Rolls.
2nd CD: Todd Akin*(R) vs. Arthur Lieber (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Akin easy
3rd CD: Ed Martin (R) vs. Russ Carnahan*(D) Polling Here: Martin vs Carnahan. District Stats. Many Republicans are excited about this race and Carnahan has made this competitive, but I suspect there is a machine in place to prevent a loss. PREDICTION: CARNAHAN for now.
4th CD: Vicky Hartzler (R) vs. Ike Skelton*(D) Polling Here: Hartzler vs Skelton. District Stats. Skelton is forced into a real campaign and is now touting his endorsement by the NRA in ads running in the district. But this is a district that is rural and conservative. Votes will filter in late in the evening I suspect. I think change is in the air. PREDICTION: HARTZLER
5th CD: Jacob Turk (R) vs. Emanuel Cleaver*(D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Turk has run against Cleaver the last two cycles and has gotten some buzz recently, but not enough. Cleaver wins.
6th CD: Sam Graves*(R) vs. Clint Hylton (D) No Polling Here. District Stats Graves rolls.
7th CD: Billy Long (R) vs. Scott Eckersly (D) No Polling Here. District Stats . Long wins.
8th CD: Jo Ann Emerson*(R) vs. Tommy Sowers (D) No Polling Here. District Stats. Emerson easy
9th CD: Blaine Luetkemeyer*(R) vs. Christopher Dwyer (L) No Polling Here. District Stats

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