Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Mexico Election Preview

Three hotly contested house races here. New Mexico Info Here: New Mexico

Governor: Susana Martinez (R) vs. Diane Denish (D) Polling Here: Martinez vs. Denish. Diane Denish has been tied to outgoing unpopular Governor Bill Richardson. She has not taken a lead and has been consistently behind. PREDICTION: MARTINEZ
1st CD: Jon Barela (R) vs. Martin Heinrich*(D) Polling Here: Barela vs. Heinrich. District Stats. This district was represented by Heather Wilson for years and she had to fight tooth and nail to keep it. Heinrich is a freshman in a tough cycle. PREDICTION: BARELA
2nd CD: Steve Pearce (R) vs. Harry Teague*(D) Polling Here: Pearce vs. Teague. District Stats. Pearce is trying to get his old seat back after a failed run for the Senate. He looks good so far. PREDICTION: PEARCE
3rd CD: Tom Mullins (R) vs. Ben Lujan*(D) Polling Here: Lujan vs. Mullins. District Stats. Lujan wins close

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