Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RomneyCare Dying In Massachussetts

Don Surber: Romney's Waterloo

Domenic Paolini, a heart surgeon turned lawyer, told The Pulse yesterday that the prognosis for health care in Massachusetts isn’t good.

“When doctors lose money, patients lose lives, and limbs,” warned Paolini, a critic of the new health care payment plan state leaders will soon roll out. “When doctors aren’t adequately compensated, they need to see more patients, and because there’s only so many hours in a day, they spend less time with patients, and less time preparing for patients, and that’s when accidents happen.”

By month’s end, Gov. Deval Patrick and the state’s most powerful legislators are expected to make national news, with a bill that aims to curb health care costs by changing how we pay for care.

If the bill becomes law, insurers will stop paying doctors for each test and office visit, and implement “global payments” and “accountable care organizations.”
Supply/demand. The one law that legislatures cannot repeal.

Romneycare likely cost Mitt Romney the presidency in 2012, which is good because he does not know the basics of economics — despite his prowess as a businessman.

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Anonymous said...

I liked Mitt. I didn't like his health care bill, and I hate that it's the mold by which Obamacare was created.

Unfortunately, I don't see any contenders from the GOP...

I wish Newt could be a viable candidate.

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