Friday, February 18, 2011

Irreverent View endorses Bob Buckhorn for Tampa Mayor

From: Irreverent View

Early voting in Tampa’s municipal elections commences next week. City elections for Mayor and City Council conclude on Tuesday, March 1.

In the race for Tampa Mayor, all of the candidates have resumes of experienced public servants, and quite frankly, none of them would likely harm or embarrass the city if elected so long as there are no “panty raids” or race riots.

That said, in the race for Tampa Mayor I support Bob Buckhorn for Mayor.

Photo: Bob Buckhorn and his girls.

Here is why I like Bob:

Bob is a fiscal conservative. He understands how bureaucracy, over-regulation, and taxation negatively impact small businesses, economic growth and entrepreneurism. Bob will work to cut-red tape and make City Hall and the city’s assorted bureaucracies more friendly and efficient.

Bob is who he is. That’s to say, he is not a candidate who hides who he is – either personally or politically. He’s a happily married family man with young children for whom he wants to leave a better and brighter future. Politically, he’s a consensus-builder who works well with Republicans and Democrats and has the respect of people on both sides of the aisle.

Bob has the temperament to be mayor. Our next mayor will be required to work with a mostly-new city council, and with other legislative bodies facing daunting issues such as traffic congestion, budget deficits, taxes, the environment, and economic development. Not only does Bob have a plan to address these issues that is based on more than platitudes and poll-tested talking points, he’s open to suggestions and new ideas to tackle the issues in these challenging times.

Bob is a leader. Leadership is about taking on tough issues and doing what is sometimes not politically popular. Bob has been in the trenches and made tough decisions that weren’t always popular. Bob recognizes that as a leader, sometimes you’ve got to give people what they need, not what they want.

Bob is likeable. While one of his opponents certainly gets the gold star for being the most social and good natured, Bob is no slacker in the people-skills department. He treats people with respect and courtesy and will make an excellent ambassador for our city when the attention of the world is on Tampa during the 2012 Republican National Convention. Bob knows how to give a good bear-hug with the best of ‘em too; but fella’s, no worries, he’s never going to call you “baby.”

In short, Bob Buckhorn would provide practical leadership, a fair and steady hand, and a realistic vision for improving the City of Tampa. As the St. Petersburg Times said in its endorsement of Bob, “Bob Buckhorn has matured into a thoughtful leader who combines the best traditions of the city’s past with a firm grasp of how Tampa and the region should grow together.”

Tampa needs a leader with new ideas, someone who gets along with others, and who can bridge the gulf of partisan or ideological interests. Bob Buckhorn is the only candidate with a realistic and achievable vision for the future. For these reasons, Irreverent View strongly endorses Bob Buckhorn for Tampa Mayor.

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