Sunday, March 20, 2011

RNC Debt At $21 Million - Hotline On Call

From: Hotline On Call

The Republican National Committee carried a debt of $21 million dollars at the end of February according to a committee source, as the committee continued to find new debt, adding another $1 million in unpaid bills to an already-massive debt load.

The committee raised $5.2 million and spent $5.3 million - which includes the $1 million spent toward paying down the RNC's debt. The RNC also uncovered another $1 million in new debt during the month.

New chairman Reince Priebus has significantly cut party staff in an effort to save resources. The RNC's communications and research shops, for example, are shadows of their former size, while other departments have also been asked to make cuts to save money.

The Washington Post reported that the Democratic National Committee raised $7.1 million and spent $5.7 million -- which included $1 million in loan repayment -- in February and ended the month with $17.9 million in debt and $10.5 million in the bank.

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