Sunday, March 20, 2011

Udall, DeGette differ on Libya action

From: The Denver Post

Two members of Colorado's Congressional delegation offered different assessments of the U.S. action against Libya Saturday.

U.S. Senator Mark Udall fully backed America's rocket attacks against Moammaer Khadafy's forces while fellow Democrat U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette criticized the attacks as potentially unconstitutional.

"Like all Americans, I deplore and condemn the violence against Libyans who are asserting their rights to basic freedoms," Udall said in his statement. "Colonel Khadafy has been a brutal dictator and is viciously attacking his own people in order to maintain control, and he gave the international community no choice but to act."

"Importantly, the United States is acting in concert with the United Nations. France, Britain and other nations are joining use in enforcing the no-fly zone," Udall added. "The international community has given Khadafy a clear choice, and made it clear that there are serious consequences to ignoring the will of his people."

DeGette said she is concerned by President Obama's decision to commit U.S. forces in Libya without involving Congress.

"This action may require substantial U.S. resources. While there is no question that Khadafy's regime is brutalizing the people of Libya, launching military action against another nation requires Congress be fully informed so we can exercise our Constitutional authority," her statement said.

"I therefore call on Speaker Boehner to call an emergency session, returning members to Washington, so the president may address a joint session of Congress and be given the opportunity to make the case for war."

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