Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Paul Ryan the New Jack Kemp?

Every now and then a figure makes a splash in our national political scene. Few, in recent years have made a bigger splash. The need for entitlement reform is obvious. Everyone knows it. But nobody seem to embrace it when a real proposition is put on the table.

Paul Ryan's budget proposal is the most significant legislative idea since the Kemp-Roth tax cuts, which was the basis for the Reagan recovery and thirty years of inflation under control. The specifics of the plan are immaterial because no one, not even Congressman Ryan can get it all right given the size of the Federal Government. The relevant point is the fact that it can now serve as a basis for debate and conversation. An adult has come to the table and now all those who have been begging for a mature proposal are compelled to engage.

Democrats will as they have already trot out the same old liners. I say let Nancy Pelosi rehash old lines. And by all means let the newly appointed DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz squeal all she likes. They're a gift. They can't hold a candle to Paul Ryan.

Of course, President Obama for all his musings has demonstrated by his actions that he has no intention of seriously addressing the issue. Maybe it's just politics. Maybe he doesn't see the facts as they are. Maybe he doesn't care. He rejected the findings of his deficit commission which insisted on entitlement reform. All of this in spite of his insistence that we would all have to make hard choices. I guess he didn't mean it should apply to him.

 Let's be clear. Paul Ryan's road map will not be passed. At least not in its present form. There's too much political fodder to be made of it. Too many seniors to scare. But like Kemp-Roth, Paul Ryan's road map give the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement the intellectual drive,the gravitas to move forward with a platform that will set us off on a road to fiscal solvency. It's a start.
We hear endlessly about the lack of talented GOP Presidential candidates for 2012, but Paul Ryan has given them a baseline from which they can successfully place before the American people. Obama won't sign off on Ryan, but like Kemp before him, we can elect a true conservative to make it a reality in a reaffirmed America.

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Anonymous said...

Arlen Specter criticized the federal government's policy on cancer, stating the day after Jack Kemp — the 1996 Republican vice presidential nominee and former congressman — died of cancer, that Kemp would still be alive if the federal government had done a better job funding cancer research.

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