Monday, May 9, 2011

Kloppenburg Should Concede Tonight

Some people just won't give up the ghost.

From: Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

As discussed in two prior posts, JoAnne Kloppenburg's team has been attacking "ballot security" in Waukesha County, particularly in the city of Brookfield, based on claims that there were gaps or openings in ballot bags. The implication is that there was ballot stuffing or ballot removal after the canvass.

This conspiracy theory was dealt a grievous blow when the Brookfield recount matched almost precisely (off by only 4 votes) the canvass numbers and the numbers reported on election night by Brookfield election officials. So no, there was no ballot tampering in the key city which delivered the win to David Prosser.

Yet Kloppenburg continues to push the ballot security bogeyman, issuing a fundraising letter yesterday again claiming large-scale ballot security problems.

There is only one place for Kloppenburg to go with a ballot security claim - the wholesale discarding of thousand of ballots not based on proof that there was any impropriety, but based on speculation and conjecture that there might have been such tampering. As results come in, however, and the vote counts closely match both the canvass and the election night reports, it becomes clear that Kloppenburg's conspiracy theory is just a theory.

Now the recount is done everywhere but Waukesha County (which is 30% done), and Kloppenburg has picked up just 355 votes, via JSOnline:

With the recount in the April 5 Supreme Court race now complete in every county but Waukesha, JoAnne Kloppenburg has sliced a mere 355 votes off David Prosser’s lead of 7,316 votes, underscoring the extreme odds against Kloppenburg emerging victorious in the fiercely contested judicial contest.
In effect, Kloppenburg would have to gain 6,962 votes in one county – Waukesha – after gaining a tiny fraction of that in the recount of the state’s other 71 counties.

In the 71 counties recounted so far, Kloppenburg has made a net pick-up of one vote for every 3,873 votes cast.

In Waukesha County, she would have to make a net pick-up of one vote for every 18 votes cast.
And that math actually understates the improbability of a successful outcome for Kloppenburg because about 30% of Waukesha County has already completed the recount process with a net change of fewer than 20 votes.
This is why Kloppenburg has made a wholesale attack on Waukesha "ballot security." Disenfranchising thousands of otherwise valid ballots based on speculation and conjecture is Kloppenburg's only chance.

At this point, Kloppenburg is not interested in counting every vote and making sure every vote counts. It's just a game.

Kloppenburg's original request for a recount was frivolous given the 7316 vote margin and the history of recounts in Wisconsin never having changed the vote count by more than a few hundred votes.

The more Kloppenburg continues on the ballot security conspiracy theory, she just makes a mockery of herself.

It's time to concede. Tonight. Before Wisconsin wastes more money tomorrow morning

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