Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is the Kentucky GOP Establishment Trying to Keep the Tea Party out?

From: Conservative Outpost

That’s the suspicion, according to Tea Party supporters. Every four years, the Kentucky GOP have a convention, during which the state’s party officers are elected. However, they want to cancel the next convention, and the Tea Party is declaring shenanigans…
Reports that the Republican Party of Kentucky is considering a proposal that would put off the election of party leadership one year until 2013 has caused an uproar among members of the Tea Party, many of whom perceive it as a way to prevent Tea Party candidates from getting elected to the party leadership.
Currently, the RPK reorganization happens every four years, in line with the presidential election cycle. New party officers are elected at a statewide convention, which follows local conventions to elect local officers. Those elected serve for four years.
Dave Adams, who heads a political action committee that supports Tea Party candidates, found the idea of postponing the next election troubling.
“Until I’m proven otherwise, … it’s my contention that some people in the Republican hierarchy are quite concerned about Tea Party members inserting themselves into party leadership,” he said.
Adams said the justification he had heard for the rule change was “that there’d be too steep of a learning curve for the election in that year,” an idea he called “ridiculous.”
This certainly has a stink factor. The Tea Parties are going to face more and more of this as they continue their efforts to take over the GOP. Persistence will be needed to boot the RINOS out of power. Being progressives themselves, RINOS will resort to dishonesty and trickery to maintain their control

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