Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will the Florida U.S.Senate Republican Nominee Be Connie Mack?

From: The Shark Tank

With Congressman Connie Mack’s recent endorsements from former Republican Presidential candidate Michele  Bachmann and now presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, DC and Florida political insiders are now saying that the senate primary race for former Senator George LeMieux is all but over.
Another nail in LeMieux’s chances could come if popular U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who also happens to be on most insiders’ short list for VP comes out and endorses Mack as well.

Rubio has told the Shark Tank that he would not get involved in this race, but it’s not exactly a secret that LeMieux is not on Rubio’s list of favorite politicos.  Senator Rubio has previously said that LeMieux was” not helpful” during the 2010 Senatorial campaign, which found LeMieux openly supporting Governor Charlie Crist until he jumped the GOP ship and ran as an Independent candidate in April of 2010. LeMieux then endorsed Rubio over Crist but never did criticize or denounce Crist for his actions.

LeMieux was appointed to by Governor Crist to the Senate on August 28th 2009 essentially as a place holder for him in the Senate. Crist chose LeMieux over other well accomplished and deserving members of Congress because  he expected to cruise right into the Senate seat and thought that LeMieux would help facilitate those efforts to get Crist in.  Rubio went on to trounce Crist in the general election.

But now there’s an interesting revelation that only a few ‘in the know’ DC insiders are privy to. LeMieux was actively working against Rubio was “not helpful” once he became a sitting U.S. Senator.  One current U.S. 

Senator as well as other Senate staffers who would not go into specific details have said that LeMieux was undermining Rubio by painting a somewhat “sinister” picture of him, but these individuals later realized that LeMieux’s words and claims about Rubio were baseless once they began working with him in the Senate.
 The shoe is about to drop-George LeMieux, in regards to Marco Rubio (The Miami Herald, 11/27/2009)
On August 24, 2009, LeMieux taped a segment on his “The LeMieux Report” stating how anxious he was to find out who Crist’s pick would be.
The opportunity to receive an appointment to the United States Senate, is the opportunity of a lifetime.-Senator George LeMieux, 8/24/2009
Who believes that George did not know that Crist was just days away from selecting him?

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