Monday, October 7, 2013

Congressman Cleburne's Office Vandalized

From: Burleson

U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, reported anti-Tea Party and anti-Republican protestors vandalized the entry to his district office in Cleburne this week.

Tea bags were hung from the door, along with signs, which Williams' staff claim are the property of The signs deliver a variety of messages. Among those are, "It's time for your recall," "You're fired," and "It's time to vote you out."

Williams is serving the first year of his first two-year term in Texas' 25th District.

Other signs call Williams an "anti-American racist" and "D___bag Republican."

“Hundreds of thousands of Americans are deeply affected by the government shutdown, and I’m working with my colleagues in the House to get the government running again," Williams said in a statement in response to the display. "With so much uncertainty, I understand that tensions are high, but this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.  Not by anyone. Throughout the shutdown, my offices’ phone lines are open and ready to take constituent calls. There is no room for shameful displays like this.”

Williams has been a proponent of defunding, repealing and dismantling Obamacare. He has said he would not support a plan to "replace" Obamacare.

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